This is a blog about anything that matters, from cabbages to kings. Like the walrus in Lewis Carroll’s fanciful poem, we all know that variety is the spice of life. Neither lofty crowns nor dirty vegetables nor anything in between will be off-limits. Instead, the writing here should be bound by the simple values of truth and good humor. 


Chiara was born and raised in small-town Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, which she still considers home. She tries to practice the discipline of true leisure, which many view as wasted time, while a few believe it is essential for creative thought. You decide which.  She collects simple pleasures, admires sharp wit, enjoys the outdoors and relishes good food. Unfortunately, Chiara was born with a severe excess of opinions, which unseemly trait is highlighted by her under-active sense of social restraint.  No matter how she makes her living, her perfervid life is made chiefly of adventure near and far, sometimes planned but more often providential.